Tintipan, an incredible paradise in the Colombian Caribbean

The Island of Tintipan, is without a doubt, an incredible destination, ideal to enjoy in the company of friends and family.

Isla de Tintipán

Isla de Tintipán, Sucre, Colombia

Hidden in the middle of the magic of the Caribbean Sea, an hour by boat from Tolú, lies Tintipan, a paradise belonging to the archipelago of San Bernardo and being its largest island.

Tintipan has an elongated layout east-west, with a length of 3.3 km in its widest part and a length of 1.7 km in its longest part. It has several marshes that form islands inside the island and a series of labyrinth channels that serve as refuge for the different species of birds that live in the ecosystem, the vegetation is composed mainly by mangrove that thanks to its state of conservation creates barriers Natural that prevent the possibility of walking the island walking.

The island has a very low population density, most of the inhabitants live off fishing and care for the private property of the different owners of the island’s land. The population is dispersed in the coastal zone and there is no urban center. The place of supply and meeting of the inhabitants of the archipelago is Santa Cruz del Islote. Tintipan has no sources of fresh water and its inhabitants use rain water to meet their needs.

Isla de Tintipán, Sucre, Colombia

Isla de Tintipán

To get there you can leave from the port located in the municipality of Tolú, or the ports of Berrugas and Rincón del Mar in the municipality of San Onofre, or from Cartagena.

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